Where Can I Watch BBC Match of the Day Highlights?

Are you a diehard Premiere League soccer fan? Do you like watching match highlights as much as possible, but sometimes can’t easily track down a destination to check them out? Don’t worry because you’re in the right place. Why, because this blog post answers the question, “Where Can I watch BBC Match of the Day Highlights?” What is that answer, well, it’s online? Keep reading to learn more.

Okay, before we dive into where you can watch the BBC match of the day highlights, let’s first make sure you know everything about it. Here’s the key information:

Watch BBC Match of the Day RoarTube

What is MOTD?

It’s the acronym that stands for Match of The Day, which is the flagship, mainstay program of the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) that airs highlights of the big time plays from the Premier Soccer League’s matches from that day. It not only is BBC’s longest show to be on air but in 2015 it became the longest-running soccer (football) TV show in the entire world.

MOTD Main Host/Presenter

Currently, the main host, or presenter, of the show is Gary Lineker. He’s a 58-year-old Sports Broadcaster from Leicester, England who is also an ex-professional soccer (football) player. During his club career played for Leicester City, Everton, Barcelona, Tottenham Hotspur, and Nagoya Grampus Eight. He also played for England and is the record holder of having the most goals of 10 in the finals of the FIFA World Cup. He became the main host, or presenter, of MOTD in 1999.


Even though Lineker hosts, or presents, the show from week to week, he is joined by different analysts and commentators from around the league. Analysts have included Mark Lawrenson and Alan Hansen while commentators have included Mark Scott, Simon Brotherton, Guy Mowbray, Steve Wilson, and Martin Fisher to name a few.


As the name suggests, MOTD features top plays for the top Premier League matches of the day. The show’s host, analysts, and commentators also provide insight on the day’s events, usually following most of the top plays and highlight segments.

Now that you know everything there is to know about the BBC Match of the Day, the next thing that will be focused on is where you can watch it. Here are some options for doing so online:

  • Streaming it live or replaying it on the BBC Network directly.
  • Streaming it live or replaying on the BBC iPlayer app.

Watching a replay of it on YouTube, RoarTube, or another similar website that posts videos online after their shared live.

On top of where you can watch the BBC MOTD highlights online, a few other ways to take it in is by tuning in on cable or satellite TV, channeling into a VPN network that provides the programming, and turning to social media, like Facebook or Instagram, to see if other fans have shared the video that you want to see.

As you can see, there are many, many different places where you can watch the BBC Match of the Day Highlights. Each is pretty easy to access, so, now you never have an excuse to miss any of the action.

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