Tyson Fury fight prediction

Tyson Fury fight prediction

The rematch of the year is coming February 22, 2020. This fight has two heavyweights going head-to-head again after two years of waiting. You can easily watch Fury fight streams if you are a boxing lover. Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder will meet again soon to see who the heavyweight champion truly is.

There are tickets already on sale for this bout and the predictions on who will win are mixed. Let’s look at each boxer brings to the table and analyze who we feel will win this bout.

Last time these two met, there was a draw called. So, these two are now ready to get a real decision to win the title. The first bout, Tyson Fury was outlasting Wilder and even was knocked out twice but rose to the occasion and stayed up to fight on.

From the bets that have been placed on this fight, so far, they have Tyson Fury winning and he is heavily favored.

Both fighters have great stamina, strength, and punching power to win the fight. They are both able to win this fight. It all depends on who the best maybe that night. If you remember their last fight, you know that Wilder was knocked down twice by Wilder, but Fury did not return any favors to his opponent.

This is an advantage for Wilder. He may not be so lucky this rematch. Fury is out to show everyone what he is made of and that he is a winner. There is a lot of time left for this bout, there is still training to do by both guys. The fighters both have what it takes to be the champ, we do not doubt that at all. The best man will win this rematch and the title of the heavyweight champ.

If your favorite boxer does not win this rematch, do not worry, because these two are contracted to have one more rematch in the summer after this score is settled.

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