How to Watch Kentucky Derby on TV

Watch Kentucky Derby on TV

It’s almost Derby Day! May 4th is approaching, which means so is the Kentucky Derby! NBC is broadcasting the Kentucky Derby live on TV. Also, NBC Sports is airing it too. If you have a cable provider, you will be able to watch it live and on TV.

One way that you can watch the Kentucky Derby on TV is to get a digital television antenna. Watching the Kentucky Derby on TV can be free if you have the right equipment. If you buy a digital television antenna you can grab over the air television signals and then watch them on your tv. NBC is the broadcasting channel that you are trying to receive to watch the Kentucky Derby. It will be live and free as long as your antenna is plugged into your television.

Another way to watch the Kentucky Derby on TV is simply watching TV using your cable or network subscription. NBC and NBC Sports are broadcasting the Kentucky Derby live and coverage begins at noon. Watching the Kentucky Derby on TV is very cut and dry. Either you do or you don’t.

For those of you that do not have a TV or maybe not a network subscription, you have other options besides network providers. There are several that offer free trials when it comes to streaming online services.

The NBC and NBC Sports apps are also available. You can use them on Android, Roku, iOS, and other devices. If you do not have this option, then there are live streaming services that you can either subscribe to or utilize their free trials. One of these service providers is YouTube TV. This is a streaming television service that is worth looking into especially right before the Kentucky Derby begins.  YouTube is no longer solely for videos and it is now live, online, and offers television services as much as the videos that they are known and remembered for.

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